"your faith is our strength"

In Ethiopia we are Farming and Processing Agricultural Products for Export.

(i.e. Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Spices, Animal Feed...etc.)

This Investment operates under the umbrella of reliable business group specializing in Industry, International Trade and Consulting. We engaged in the Manufacturing, Import & Export host of commodities ranging from Agriculture, to Food Products to Light Engineering Products, to Infrastructures Materials, to Chemical Materials, to Water Sector Equipment's, to Health Sector Requirements, to Household, to Relief and other Consumer Products.

We build our facilities to help manufacturers, distributors, sellers, buyers and end-users to deal direct or in-direct to achieve the most competitive results for all types of products in a wide variety of markets. We help importers to buy, and exporters to sell, with highly competitive advantage.

If you search for Development, we will Provide all Facilities Needed with Financial Support to Fulfill all you're looking for. We are Regularly Reforming and Improving the Strategies to open Multiple Ways inside any Markets to Continue Gain the Best Results.


We are main partner of one of the well-known Australian Firms working and investing inside Africa in Marketing Services, Project Management and Funding.

We believe the success depending on work fast with taking care about details whatever its small or not, and in



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